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Since May 2006, our loyal readers rely on ‘Plant Technology’ to keep them informed of the up to date industry trends and technological information that influence their works.

As one and only magazine for plant technology industry, our each issue provides:
1) Advertisers are exposed to more than 10,000 subscribers.
2) According to our internal report, many of our readers have direct purchasing power across all areas of the petrochemical, oil&gas power plant, marine, desalination, shipbuilding, semiconductor plant operating and maintenance.

How much time do our subscribers spend on reading and/or browsing through Plant Technology?
52% Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour*

Who Reads Plant Technology

*42% Plant Engineers
29% Company Officials
13% Superintendents
12% Construction Contractors
4% Others
*Source: Internal Report of 2017


Our major topic is focused at following items.

Petrochemical, Oil&Gas, Power Plant, Marine, Desalination, Shipbuilding, Semiconductor
• Plant Maintenance
• Plant Construction
• Plant Operations
• Plant Management

Experienced Experts
• More than 13 years of collective editorial staff experience
• Renowned industry authorities
• A large number of experienced consultants support group for editorial accuracy

Every issue creates ideal space for advertiser to deliver their message efficiently and it will be an another opportunity for our advertiser. Both domestic and global advertisers have been participating for their maximum marketing strategy from the start and they are very satisfied with their results. In addition to our magazine, we provide various sorts of internet solutions such as facebook and community from major portal for the latest news.

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Advertising Rates (4-Color, per month, in USD)

표지 1 210 x 115 mm $2,000
표지 2 210 x 297 mm $1,500
표지 3 210 x 297 mm $1,000
표지 4 210 x 297 mm $2,000
페이지 1 210 x 297 mm $1,500
페이지 2-11 210 x 297 mm $900
페이지 12-21 210 x 297 mm $800
페이지 22-41 210 x 297 mm $700
페이지 42- 210 x 297 mm $600
마지막 페이지 210 x 297 mm $700


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